The Riace Warriors are two bronze statues made in the mid-fifth century BC.

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History of Riace Bronzes

The modern history of the two Bronzes begins on August 16, 1972, when, following an event with implications not yet fully clarified, at the locality of Porto Forticchio di Riace Marina, were found two bronze statues, apparently without any contemporary findings in the vicinity. Their recovery was carried out with an embarrassing lightness and by inappropriate means, to the point that a large piece of late antique ceramics was “forgotten” on the beach, placed between the right forearm and the chest of Bronze A to prevent the arm itself from being damaged during transport.

Pythagoras of Rhegion

“Pythagoras was the first to reproduce tendons and veins and the first to treat hair more diligently than others, dividing them precisely!”

Pliny the Elder

"There are several hypotheses about Riace Bronzes"

The Hypotheses

Some pictures of the Riace Bronzes